Tilt top (dining) tables

We call them dining tables but their use is obviously  not limited to dining….
Their main advantage  is that the  table top can be folded down to make storage easy in limited spaces.  They are easy to open, close and then wheel away for convenient storage.  Each unit has four locking castors for stability.  and safe storage.  The tables are available with a rounded MDF edge or with a
PVC or spray PU edge in charcoal, blue or light grey  for extra durability.
Table heights:

590 mm –  640 mm   710 mm   760 mm

Laminate table colours:   ailsa  grey,  beech,  blue,  green,  light grey,  maple,  oak,  red,  white,  yellow.

Table dimensions:

Circular:   1200 mm diameter            Oval:   1610 x 900 mm
Rectangular:   1200 x 900 mm ;   1500 x 900 mm,     Octagonal:   1200 x 1200   Octagonal:   1380 x 1000 mm

Please phone 020 7515 1797 or email: info@centraleducational.co.uk for prices and delivery details.