Crush bent or fully welded tables ….. and what size ?

For many years classroom tables for secondary schools have been around 700 – 710 mm in height. These were used with chairs with a seat height of 430 mm. More recently, tables with a height of 760 mm have been introduced for which a chair with a seat height of 460 mm is usually most appropriate. So, it’s……… 430 mm seat height chair with a 700 or 710 mm height table. 460 mm seat height chair with a 760 mm height table. However, heights of students, even in the same class, may vary considerably so it’s difficult to make a hard and fast rule, but if you stick to the above guide you are unlikely to go far wrong.
We can supply tables in six different heights to meet the needs of children through nursery to tertiary education.
460,  530,  590,  640,  710,  760,  mm  seat height
Table construction: Table frames are usually of two types:

a.   Crush bent:   This means that the metal frame tubing is bent at 90 degrees on a special machine to form the legs and the horizontal section which is fixed to the underside of the top. This design is easy to slide-on stack, usually up to five  tables high.       b.  Fully welded:    The legs are welded to the horizontal sub-frame (rather than being bent).   This construction produces a stronger and more rigid frame and can be  spiral stacked …usually up to three tables high.

Table edging:   Here you have four choices:

a.   Rounded “bullnose” edge where the table edges are rounded by machine and finished with a light coating of lacquer. This is the simplest and in our opinion the best option…unless you want a contrast or similar colour edging to the table worktop.

b.   PVC edging, which is available in a range of colours. This can add an extra touch of colour to your tables although the edging may be able to be prised off by students (!) with a penknife or screwdriver.  PVC edging is used when a similar or contrast colour to the table top laminate is required.

c.   Polyeurathane “spray-on” edging.  A hard wearing finish which seals the table edges and protects against damage.  Available in charcoal, red and green

d.  Polyeurathane solid edging. The most durable edging available, but at a price !  (Known as a “cast” PU edge)

Colour choices:

Please note that different manufacturers may use laminates which are not an exact match for the colours of your existing tables or desks. eg. there are different shades of beech laminate.  We cannot guarantee that eg. the shade of beech,  grey,  blue etc will be a perfect match with your existing tables or desks.

a.   Laminate worktop colours:   beech, grey, red, blue, yellow, green, maple, oak, grey speckle (prices quoted for tables below refer to beech, grey, red, yellow, blue and green worktops.  Other laminate colours can be supplied at additional cost.

b    Frame colours:  Black and grey are our standard colours. Other colours are available at additional cost and usually with a longer lead time.

Replacement desk and table tops:   You may have tables with frames which are quite serviceable but with tops which have seen better days. We can supply replacement tops to breathe new life into your tables.  Please contact us for details and prices.

    100+    30+     15+
1200 x 600 mm:  £  41.62 £  42.68 £  43.12

600 x 600 mm                                £ 33.18                 £ 33.98                 £  34.42

A surcharge may apply for certain laminate colours
Please contact us for details / prices, especially if you have a bulk order or a project  for which you may require a quote.   We try to be flexible with deliveries and pricing……. and it invariably pays to order early !



Additional information

Seat height

350+, 100+, 30+, 1-29


£ 17.32, £ 17.68, £ 17.98, £ 18.05


£ 16.12, £ 16.68, £ 16.98, £ 17.12


£ 14.89, £ 15.34, £ 15.68, £ 15.93


£ 14.32, £ 14.90, £ 15.12, £ 15.34


£ 13.90, £ 14.48, £ 14.72, £ 14.88


£ 13.58, £ 14.04, £ 14.39, £ 14.62